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About Me
 Thank you for wanting to get to know me...my name is Rebecca and I'm a busy mom of 2. I enjoy creating gifts of all sorts especially the polka dot ones- hence the name......  Polka Dot Gift Shoppe! I have done all kinds of crafts throughout the years but, if it isn't 'perfect' then I'm not happy.  That is when I discovered the world of vinyl thanks to my husband...... I fell in love immediately!! I could spend all day creating new gifts or embellishing old ones. So look around and see what you can personalize! It is so fun to embellish everything 'your' way......The Personalized Way!!!!
A little message from me :-)
All of my polka dot creations along with my pictures are the property of The Polka Dot Gift Shoppe. Please respect my creativity and don't borrow my pictures or my words! **
**I have been working with vinyl decals for over 6 years now. The 'world of vinyl' has become very popular within this last year or two. I receive emails & phone calls almost everyday from others wanting to know where I get my products, supplies, and basically how to start their own business. I understand it is very intimidating when you don't know anything about vinyl but here is my answer.......research, research, research! That's what I did!


I had to figure out everything from "what is a vinyl decal?" (Thanks to my husband :) to my machine. NO,  I don't have a Cricut nor do I know how to use one!! I had to figure out where to get artwork, who to get supplies from, how to ship products, how to work a website, how to work Adobe Illustrator, how to get on Google's front page and that all came from RESEARCH!!


I don't have any girl friends who knew anything about vinyl decals, digital graphics or a website to turn to and ask. I learned everything on my own! Therefore, here is my advice again....RESEARCH!!

I'm about to embark on a new adventure here at Polka Dot Gift Shoppe (watch out :-) that I know nothing about but you betcha' I've been doing my research for almost a year now!!!!

I have spent hundreds of hours researching products that I'm sure I could write a book by now....LOL, but unfortunately, I just don't have the time to do that. I am a one woman show plus I actually hold down a full time "real" job as well as Polka Dot Gift Shoppe and since August 2012 I'm a full time home school mommy for my son too....YIKES!   


A big THANK YOU to my friends who
    are my greatest supporters!
    Check us out on Facebook and become a fan of
    The Polka Dot Gift Shoppe today!

Customer service is my number one goal followed by affordability.  The one thing about my product line is that I'll always provide cute affordable gifts!! If I wouldn't pay that price as a 'customer' then I won't offer it...its just that plain and simple! I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy boutique style/monogrammed gifts without the outrageous prices! I love what I do and I'm always just a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns.

    Thank you for visiting my site and wanting to get to know me!

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