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Catalog > Monogrammed Name Badges Designs 1-7

Monogrammed Name Badges Designs 1-7
Monogrammed Name Badges Designs 1-7
Monogrammed Name Badges Designs 1-7
I've been busy creating monogrammed name badges as my next adventure here at The Polka Dot Gift Shoppe. I personally wear a name badge at my "real job" and I needed one with style..... of course!!! So, I racked my brain to come up with something different. No monogrammed fabric designs here......no mass quantity monogram's either.

Everything here is original and I love what I've come up with! Yes, they are the perfect choice for a name badge!
I start by creating your monogram in Adobe Illustrator all the way to processing and adding the finishing touches to these awesome name badges.
These are hand made and take time to make usually 3-4 days.
White or Black Badge Reel
Includes plastic clip
Aligator Clip with Swivel
Cord Length is 34"
These name badges are perfect for the multiple card readers because the reel extends to 34" which works well when trying to get into the parking deck with the window rolled down on a freezing cold day-no more dropped badges!


Monogrammed Name Badges

Badge Design:
Single Initial Color Choice:
Background circle behind monogram color choice:
Badge Reel Color Choice:Black
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